Painting techniques for beginners – How to airbrush


It is never too late to take up an artistic hobby. Airbrushing is one of the most popular drawing styles used today by many art enthusiasts. This method implies the use of an air-operated tool that sprays paint in liquid or vaporized forms. With the right approach and ambition, you can develop your own technique and impress your friends and escorts with your progress.

Airbrushing for beginners

You should start your airbrush lessons one step at a time. Begin by drawing simple shapes and images without focusing too much on the details. It is important that your eye-hand coordination becomes accommodated with this style of painting. Keep all of your first sketches! They will later give you an idea of your evolution. Show them to the ladies from the Escort Directory and ask them for an honest opinion. These girls have an exquisite taste for art and will provide you with a harsh but staunch criticism.

Do not worry if you lack the skills to airbrush something very sophisticated at first. These will develop later. Now, all you need to know is how the tools work like. Simply by grasping their real potential you will be able to recreate real imagery. Before you know it, you will manage to draw a portrait of your sensual Prague escort from and give it to her as a romantic gift.

What are your painting tools?

Your first kit of airbrush tools should contain a pen, a nozzle, an air source and a set of acrylic paints. The surface of your future art project may differ. You can create airbrush paintings on paper, wood, glass and even iron boards. You can buy this kit from one of the many stores in the Czech capital, a city renowned for its abundance of airbrush shops. Visit as many as you can to get a better deal and ask a Prague escort to join you. She will help you decide on your future purchase and even inspire your first painting.

The airbrush pen comes in two forms: single action and double-action. Both of them need an air source that provides a constant pressure without overheating the nozzle. If you cannot afford a new set of airbrushing tools, ask your escorts if they know someone who could sell you some of the equipment. These beautiful girls have many clients in the world of arts and they would gladly help another lover of airbrush painting.

Acquire the basic techniques

When you start a new airbrush painting, you first have to sketch its outline. It might seem like a childish technique, but it is one used even by the most experienced painters. For example, if you are thinking of depicting the beautiful looks of your Prague escort, you will start with an oval shape. Next, you will advance with horizontal strokes that will contour her face features. Slowly but steadily it will come to life right under your airbrush.

Some of the basic skills need to be “stolen” from other painters. If you find yourself walking with your escorts through a big city, look for street artists that use the technique.  Take some time to observe their work and you will gain a lot of useful knowledge about airbrush painting.